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Location where you are looking for your dream home


Minimum number of bedroom(s) which will suffice your requirements

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Self Funding

Amount you can contribute from your own pocket in next 3 years including funds available now


Tentative range of Monthly instalment which you can afford for next 15-20 years for your dream home

Decision Drivers

You have 100 points - Distribute among various factors based on importance/relevance for you

Connectivity i
Helps you assess the connectivity of project to most important infrastructure components like roads , metro , railway , airport etc. Higher index indicates more centrally located project.
Lifestyle i
Helps you to judge the luxuriousness in context of overall market considering that every project is marked as luxurious by developers. Higher index indicates more luxurious project.
Liveability i
Helps you assess the liveability of project from perspective of typical day to day needs. Higher index indicates more liveable project.
Commercial Proximity i
Helps you assess the proximity of project in respect to various business areas of given city. Higher index indicates project located near to workplaces.