How are we different from other Real Estate agents?

Top Prop Mart consult the investors after the due diligence and strategic investment portfolio of properties which differentiates us from other agents.

What is the property purchasing process?

Top Prop Mart assists Investors in all the paper work and registration process.

Who will manage the property?

Top Prop Mart will manage the property on behalf of the Investors.

What is the Minimum Investment?

Investors can invest as less as INR 20 Lacs.

How will I be taxed?

You will be taxed as per your Income Slab.

Does Top Prop Mart offer any guaranteed return?

No, we do not offer any Guaranteed Return.

What if I do not want to sell the Property?

It depends upon the wish of the customer.

How can I diversify through Top Prop Mart?

We provide solutions of parking the Investors money in different A Class Real Estate Projects.

What is Top Prop Mart?

Top Prop Mart is a Technology driven Real Estate Consulting & Services Company that aims to serve customers across India.

What are the different opportunities available?

Top Prop Mart offers numerous Investment opportunities in Commercial Projects in Lucknow, Gurugram & Bengaluru. We also provide Co-Ownership Platform where Investors can invest in Pre-Leased A Grade Properties.

What is the difference between Commercial Investment & Residential Investment?

Commercial Pre-Leased Properties provide an ROI of 12-20% p.a. whereas Residential Properties provide an ROI of 4-8% p.a.

How are the Project offerings listed?

Project details are updated on our Website Portal www.toppropmart.com

How do Investors benefit?

Investors get the benefit of monthly return and capital appreciation during the sale of property.

Why does Top Prop Mart focus on Real Estate?

Real Estate is a growing sector in India and is considered best opportunity for Investment.

Are there any hidden charges?

There are no hidden charges. Top Prop Mart follows the motto of “Trust & Transparency”

How do I transfer money?

You can transfer money via NEFT, RTGS, or IMPS directly to the Builders Account or could write a cheque in the Builders Escrow Account.

Can I schedule a Site Visit?

Yes, as per your convenience we can schedule a Site Visit.

Who decides the exit timing and sale price?

Investors can take decisions on Exit. Sale price will be as per the market rate.